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    • 2 oil tankers go up in flames after a suspected Gulf of Oman attack
      Suspected attacks left two tankers in flames in the waters of the Gulf of Oman yesterday, sending world oil prices soaring as Iran helped rescue stricken crew members.
    • Ecuador approves same-sex marriage
      Ecuador’s decision to allow same-sex marriage has topped a landmark week for LGBT+ rights after Botswana decriminalized gay sex and Bhutan took the first steps to do so, said campaigners marking the 50th
    • Boris takes lead in race for the Tory leadership
      Boris Johnson surged closer to power yesterday, winning the most support from Conservative lawmakers in the first round of the contest to replace British Prime Minister Theresa May.
    • Defence admits client murdered scholar
      A FEDERAL prosecutor has told jurors in grisly detail that police believe a former University of Illinois doctoral student kidnapped a visiting scholar from China, and beat her to death with a baseball
    • DPRK is still committed to denuclearization
      CHINA has called on related countries to continue making efforts to realize denuclearization and sustained peace on the Korean Peninsula through negotiations. Yesterday marked the first anniversary of
    • Spacecraft ready for takeoff
      India yesterday unveiled a spacecraft which is expected to take off for the moon next month, making the country only the fourth to achieve the feat.
    • Pilot killed in NY helicopter crash radioed for help
      The pilot killed when his helicopter hit the roof of a New York City skyscraper in rain and fog radioed that he was lost and trying to get back to the heliport but couldn’t find it, an official said on
    • EU says Eurozone should prepare for no-deal Brexit
      The European Commission yesterday said a no-deal Brexit was “very much possible” as it updated its contingency preparations and told countries, companies and people to be ready for the expected economic
    • Trump Jr meets with Senate committee to discuss Russia
      US President Donald Trump’s eldest son will meet with the Senate intelligence committee today behind closed doors.
    • Mystery surrounds helicopter crash
      A HELICOPTER has crashed onto the fog-shrouded roof of a midtown Manhattan skyscraper, killing the pilot and unnerving a city still scarred by memories of the September 11, 2001, airplane attacks on the
    • Half-brother of Kim named as CIA informant
      KIM Jong Nam, the half-brother of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong Un who was killed in Malaysia in 2017, was a “CIA informant,” the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday. Citing
    • Japan looks to ease US-Iran strain
      Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will meet Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani on a visit to Tehran this week, in a bid to ease the tension between Washington and

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