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      • Brexit breakthrough ‘may be soon’
        Britain’s finance minister Philip Hammond said yesterday there had been “some movement” by the European Union that could lead to a breakthrough in Brexit talks in “the next few days.
      • Japan probe on track to touch down on asteroid
        A JAPANESE spacecraft began its approach yesterday toward a distant asteroid on a mission to collect material that could provide clues to the origin of the solar system and life on Earth.
      • UN okays Kim visit for summit
        A UN Security Council sanctions committee has agreed to allow Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong Un’s delegation to travel to Vietnam for a summit with US President Donald Trump.
      • Final push against IS delayed for evacuation
        The operation to destroy Islamic State’s final vestige of rule in Iraq and Syria hit a temporary snag yesterday, as an expected evacuation of the remaining civilians from its last enclave in eastern Syria
      • Australia’s Bishop bows out of politics
        Former Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced her retirement from politics yesterday in a fresh blow to the conservative government already struggling just months ahead of general election
      • Deaths increase but flying safe
        A leading airline trade group says fatal commercial flight accidents increased in 2018 from a record low set in 2017.
      • Airlines lack risk assessments of conflicts
        MORE than four years after a Malaysian passenger jet was shot down over conflict-ravaged eastern Ukraine, airlines around the world still need better information to make risk assessments about flying
      • Bangladesh counts dead after inferno destroys old quarter
        A DEVASTATING fire has raced through densely packed buildings in a centuries-old district of Bangladesh’s capital, killing at least 67 people. The inferno in Dhaka’s Chawkbazar area is now mostly under
      • Trump’s Space Force now on launch pad
        US President Donald Trump has signed a directive to start the lengthy process of creating a new branch of the military dedicated to handling threats in space — the US Space Force. Space Policy Directive-4
      • Putin warns against missile deployment
        RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin threatened to deploy new missiles against Western capitals as he delivered a state of the nation address yesterday. He also reached out to Russians with promises of improved
      • Climate change: Experts issue imminent security risk warning
        Climate change threats — from worsening water shortages in Iraq to harsher hurricanes in the Caribbean — are a growing security risk and require concerted action to ensure they don’t spark new violence,
      • UN takes aim at sexual abuse within
        The United Nations on Tuesday took steps to tackle sexual exploitation and abuse within its ranks, naming an array of experts to a panel aimed at ending incidents of harassment that have plagued the global

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