Isfahan اصفهان

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33 POL is one of the beautiful bridges in Isfahan


Isfahan is situated in the center of the country, 435 KM south of Tehran. Isfahan is accesible from Tehran by deluxe bus via a 6 lane highway, train or an hour flight. Isfahan symbolizes the past and the present of Iran. It was a former capital of Persian kingdom during the Safavid dynasty. Most of the landmarks and monuments in this city have remained fromthat period.

Isfahan is one of the most beautiful cites in the world and was commonly referred to as half of the world because of its classic charm, flowered domes and giant minarets. Isfahan has tree-lined avenues, covered bridges and more than 200 mosques. Isfahan
is perhaps, the most perfect urban space in the world, Maidan-e-Imam (Imam Square), which is twice as big as Moscow’s Red Square is at the centeral part of the city. It attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Although Isfahan is world famous for Islamic architecture it has one of the most fascinating Christian churches in
the Middle East, i.e., the Armenian cathedral. Isfahan is also an important industrial town with more than 1000 giant factories and indusrtial sites.


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